Twells celebrating nearly 100 years in business and another National Vauxhall Customer Excellence Award !!!!!

Twells of Billinghay have been winning Vauxhall Customer Excellence awards since they were first set up as PSS and SSS in Year 2000 and have never been out of the UK top ten in all that time since.

They are currently only one of four dealers in the UK to have continuously been awarded the revised and more stringent Customer Excellence Award since it was introduced in 2011. They have come first nationally in the Service Element of the Excellence Award this year.

Twells have also won a special 2017 Q4 Customer Service Award from Motability, for their excellent service to valued customers within that Scheme. These all follow on from being jointly voted Best Uk Dealer overall (out of 16000 dealers nationwide) by well known motoring magazine Auto Express/Driver power in 2017!

John Twells has been a Vauxhall Main Dealer for Central Lincs since 1980. His grandfather Fred started up the business in rural Billinghay as a blacksmith in 1928. He gradually moved into repairing cars and lorries and then went into haulage in quite a big way. By 1954 Fred had accumulated a fleet of 26 vehicles but was then taken over by the Labour government in their period of nationalisation.

John’s father Edward along with his brother Charles were advised by Ted’s father in law, who was a prominent farmer in the area, to go into Ferguson Tractors which they did, and enjoyed some success for over the next 22 years.

When John joined the company in late 1962 after awhile, he very gradually persuaded his father and uncle to move their business into cars which at first they were not keen to do. Twells were subsequently awarded a BL franchise for the local area in 1972 and this gave them all another taste of success.

However in 1979 John together with his wife Marjorie wanted to be main dealers working closely with a manufacturer. This they were able to do in 1980 with Vauxhall cars and Bedford vans for Central Lincs and they have never looked back.

John and Marjorie still have a great passion for cars but are gradually handing over the reins to daughter Sarah (Accountant) and son in law Dan (Sales Director). All of the family are convinced with the latest exciting moves afoot within the Vauxhall franchise, that the future looks very bright for everyone.

The Twells family attribute their small success to having high principles in business in all of their dealings and with all of their customers alike. They still use some of grand father’s advice to see them through any potential problems that might occur on a week to week to week basis.

John is insistent that it is imperative to own each and every problem and to never pass the buck. The Directors would like to sincerely thank all of their loyal customers for voting Twells into this position once again and to their loyal and hardworking staff for making this possible.

The family are so proud of the fact that Twells of Billinghay will be 100 years old in April 2018, which is no mean achievement for a local fourth generation family business.

John feels that there will always be a place for sincerity in business and with well trained and loyal staff all working together, that this will ensure the future for everyone at Twells of Billinghay.